Other Services

In addition to family law legal services, our office offers other legal services such as:

When a person is ordered by the court to do or not do a specified action and he or she wilfully disobeys the order, he or she is danger of facing disobedience of court order charges. The procedure, although criminal in nature, is handled by the court that issued the said order. If found guilty, the respondent/accused, can be imprisoned in order to conform to the order as opposed to be punished which is the purpose of regular criminal proceedings. It follows, that if a person found guilty of disobedience, conforms while serving a prison sentence, the court may order his or her release.

Family courts are not the only jurisdiction of dispute between ex-spouses. Sometimes a legal battle between ex – spouses may be fought in more than one court jurisdiction. In domestic violence cases for example, we help victims apply to the District Court (criminal jurisdiction) seeking a court order ordering the offender to move out of the family home with immediate effect.

When a person attacks another, resulting or threatening violence in addition to report to the police, the victim may file an action in the civil courts for assault (tort). If there is reason to believe that a further attack is imminent, an interim application may be filed seeking an order from the court to order the attacker to keep a certain specified distance away from the claimant/applicant until final judgement. Such order may be claimed against anyone including a relative.

In cases where a family member is mentally unstable to a degree that he is a danger to his family, a member of his family, may apply to the criminal court for a compulsory psychiatric examination order. This is done by completing a form in the District court by the applicant.

Our experience in criminal law combined with our sensitivity in family matters makes us ideal in representing clients in criminal proceedings both as defense counsels or representing and advising families in criminal offenses committed against or between them for example sexual offences. Anyone, may at some point in his life find himself accused of a criminal act and its consequences. Economic distress, a moment of weakness, use of alcohol or substances may lead to a criminal offence. We have the knowledge to handle the full spectrum of criminal cases such as bounced cheques, forgery, road accident criminal liability, sexual offences, illegal entry, assaults and use and supply of illegal substances. We approach each case with respect towards the client and sincerity. Our goal is always to achieve the perfect defense. With a careful study of the case file and a thorough client interview, we approach all cases with attention even towards the smallest detail always with the line of defense in mind.

We handle personal injury and property damages due to traffic, work and other accidents. We meticulously study each case and in close co-operation with the client we make sure that he or she receives the fair and just amount of monetary damages he deserves by law.

In situations where our clients’ name and credibility is damaged from false statements, publications and reports, we prepare and take to court defamation and/or slander actions against the person or organisation who has made or published the false statement and make sure our clients are fairly compensated. We also defend people who face significant claims from such statements or publications they have made or allowed to be made by their employees.

We regularly advice and assist our clients in registering companies and trademarks as well as any other process in and out of court regarding companies and trademarks.

It is advisable in any transaction of land to involve a lawyer in order to avoid any problems that require long and difficult court procedures and unnecessary costs. We assist our clients whether they are buying, selling, leasing or renting out their property.
We also represent our clients in any court action regarding breach of any contract or license concerning land and cases between banks and enclaved buyers where the decision of the director of the Land Registry is appealed by a bank for example. Our work, as with every aspect of our work, is characterized by careful study, drive for success and transparency

Unpaid accounts and/or breach of commercial agreements cases are a very common occurrence in the courts in Cyprus. Before we commence any such case we conduct due diligence on behalf of our clients in order to have a clear picture of who they are suing and their ability to pay any judgment against them. We then advice our clients accordingly.

For criminal offences punishable with imprisonment of under 5 years, the Law of Cyprus allows private legal entities to file their own criminal cases against the perpetrator. In the case of a guilty verdict, the offender is liable to receive any sentence he or she would receive in the event the case was handled by the public prosecution office of the Republic including imprisonment.

The above information is not intended to be used as a legal opinion and are merely examples to aid the reader in better understanding their legal position. Please feel free to contact us today if you require legal advice for your specific situation.