About us


Stephanos Papatheodorou

Managing Director

Stephanos in 2006 earned a Masters’ Degree in Mechanical Engineering (University of Manchester). He then proceeded to study law in the College of Law (London) where he earned a Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) and completed his BVC studies the following year. He was called to the bar in 2009 by Grays’ Inn London. In 2009 Stephanos joined his father’s George Papatheodorou legal office with which he continues to have close working relationship to this day.

Multi-disciplinary experience

Stephanos has extensive experience working in family and criminal litigation, torts and liability, fraud defamation, contracts, landlord and tenant (trespass), debt collection and conveyancing. All these areas often interweave with family law and are based on the same principles. Stephanos is a strong litigator with a good all-round litigation experience in his arsenal


Οικογενειακο Δικαιο

«I know how it feels»

I have a practical approach to my work and focus on the problem at had.

My own experience from a divorce in 2014 and the difficulties I had to overcome in order to end bitterness and clear a toxic environment, has provided me with invaluable perspective on the problems that often appear when two people part ways and how they can be solved. Since then, I have had a calling to help people who find themselves in a similar position.

The result is S. PAPATHEODOROU LEGAL, a law firm with a strong focus on family law.

My goal is to make S. PAPATHEODOROU LEGAL the biggest family law firm in Cyprus. I continue to collaborate closely with the law office of my father George Papatheodorou founded in 1975.

I am engaged and a proud father of two”. S. Papatheodorou


Nagia Argyrou


Upon graduating from The University of Wolverhampton (LLB) in 2014, she completed her legal pupillage in a legal office in her native Paphos. She then moved to Nicosia to work as corporate administration and migration lawyer and her team was responsible for the issuance of several Cyprus Passports by investment. She gained significant experience in construction law as an in-house lawyer in a major construction company (2017-2019) in Cyprus. In 2019 she joined George Papatheodorou Law office to work as a litigation lawyer and since 2021 S. Papatheodorou & Co. LLC.