Family Law

Child Recognition & Adoption


One of most fulfilling procedures we are able to assist our clients with is adoption. For the preparation of the application we gather all information and documentation from our clients and collaborate with the judge and welfare workers, in order to safeguard the best interest of the child. Social workers scrutinize the character, record and living conditions of the parent(s) to be. We, on behalf of our clients, assist the social services or the judge in every way we are required, in full cooperation with our clients.

Paternity dispute

We assist clients who question the fathership of a child, follow the correct procedures in the family court. However, the results are not always conclusive since under Cyprus law a mother cannot be ordered to take a blood test but may only be directed. The court however may draw its conclusions by a denial of the mother to follow the direction.

Recognition of fathership

When a child is conceived whilst the mother is married, there is a rebuttable presumption that the husband is the father of the child. Couples who have children outside marriage, should follow the voluntary fatherhood recognition procedure in order for the father to be officially recognised as the father of the child by the Republic of Cyprus.  The mother and the father must complete and sign two separate affidavits available in all courts in Cyprus. Parents must ensure they take with them two EUR 5 stamps (available in local bar associations and  post offices) especially in the Nicosia Family Court where there are no stamps available for sale.

On the other hand, when a partner does not wish to recognise a child born outside marriage who the mother claims it is his’, the child recognition by court order procedure is followed.

The above information is not intended to be used as legal advice and is merely an example in order to better understand the legal position of the reader. If you need legal advice for your specific case please contact us today.